Telling your family’s story through joyful, stylish, and functional designs.


Hi! I grew up in Houston and now live in Pearland, TX with my husband Trent, our two children, Fitz and Shep, and our two dogs, Pip and Bruce. I credit my love and eye for design to my mom. While growing up, we moved several times, and each time, the first thing she did was decorate our new home. Her main priority was ensuring our home reflected our family and made sure that it was always ready to entertain. Early on, she taught me the importance of truly making a space our own and making it comfortable and welcoming. As I got older, my passion for design and decorating continued with me. From Barbie houses as a kid to our first family home in Pearland, I was filled with true joy when I saw a space come to life.

My friends noticed my eye for design and began asking me to help them decorate their homes. Fast forward a few years (and a few babies later), and I officially decided to turn my passion for interior design into a career! Today, I love creating spaces for my clients that are beautiful, practical and truly unique - all centered around a story. 

Meet Kelly!

Kelly’s two sons, Fitz and Shep, love finding creative ways to use their space.



Every house should tell a story. We're on a mission to help you create a home that celebrates your unique life—all while being surrounded by effortless elegance. We aim to create a truly one-of-a-kind space for you and your family to celebrate your unique story—past, present and future.


With every design, we take the time to get to know all about you, your family and everything in between. We love staying in touch with our clients and seeing their spaces really come to life. When a house is lived in and shows the marks of a family over time, we know we've achieved our goal.


From raising kids to hosting dinner parties and having a home office, it's all a part of life. Our goal is to create livable luxury in your home. From durable materials and timeless pieces all the way down to the very last detail in a room—our designs are built to last.

homes are for living, not just for looking

What We Believe

Kelly and her team prioritize comfort and style equally for a space you love to come home to.



“I interviewed several interior designers, but clicked with Kelly immediately.  She listened to my style, construction goals, and furnishing needs and was able to immediately envision the end result.  I am a busy working mom in corporate America and own a private business as well, I am great at making decisions, but did not have the time to fully manage the project, procure materials, and shop finishes.  Kelly was able to provide all of those services and more while pulling off a huge project and completing in less than 5 months.  We now have our dream home complete and love coming home every day to our beautiful house.”